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Who we are

Studio Boccuni is an Italian Engineering Company with over 25 years’ experience in project management and in the building construction field. We are highly experienced in all relevant areas, from planning and design, civil, mechanical and electrical through to all phases of the construction itself and the signing-off of major projects.

We have been employed in Italy and abroad, and our customers are mainly drawn from the areas of entertainment, residential and commercial projects, and particularly the project management of Hotels and Theme Parks.

Our Head Office is based in Verona (in North Italy) where we do all the planning and engineering for our Projects, whilst we have a dedicated team available to supervise our works directly on-site, wherever in the world that is. According to the scale of the Project, we determine the appropriate members of the team required in each case. Their tight and consistent connection with our Head Office guarantees our clients that every detail and issue is dealt with according to their master plan, and we use the best of available technology to reach the desired solution.

Over the years we have fine-tuned our team directly in relation to the volume and nature of our activities. At our Headquarters, we have created a specialist team of highly experienced professionals capable of managing all your needs in-house.

Our current Staff is as follows:

Our Mission

At Studio Boccuni we offer both our public and private clients a comprehensive range of services and expertise. We can assist with conceptual and preliminary engineering services, engineering design, procurement, construction, financial management, asset management, programme management, construction management, environmental considerations, security design and consulting, management consulting and infrastructure planning.
We want to give a tangible sign of the respect for the environment and therefore our projects and engineering services are drawn up for a conscious use of materials, favoring renewable energy productions.
Our commitment is to ensure production cycles ethically correct, away from the corruption and law-abiding.
This is also why our recent history has been geared toward full-time employment of young professionals that we believe are an essential resource for keeping our commitments.

Studio Boccuni is an Italian Engineering Company
with a good experience of projects in the entertainment field


Methods and services

Our methodology derives directly from our detailed knowledge of production processes and the building construction market, so as to achieve complete satisfaction for our customers.

Our experience results from many years activity in the construction industry. Our reporting is derived from our close knowledge of building processes.

Our services include:

    • Research and assistance in real estate investment
    • Preliminary economic evaluation of planned investment opportunities
    • Due diligence
    • Budget: preliminary and work in progress
    • Individualisation and choice of appropriate professionals
    • Editing of Scope of works
    • Project Management
    • Validation and certification of projects
    • Energy performance building analysis

    • Procurement
    • Editing of Contracts
    • Cost control
    • Timing control
    • Construction Management
    • Architectural acoustics
    • Seismic analysis
    • Project monitoring
    • Site building design
    • Closing (testing and certification)

Studio Boccuni
Multidisciplinary Engineering Company


Main works

Gardaland Magic Hotel

Peppa Pig Land

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Gardaland Adventure Hotel

Verona University

Geox New Concept Rome

DB Hotel Extension

Geox New Concept Milan

Industrialesimo EXPO 2015

Children Park EXPO 2015

Gardaland Hotel Resort

Hotel Resort Extension

Gardaland Theatre

Roller Coaster

Sea Life Aquarium – Venice

Science Museum

Verona University

DB Hotel

Rome Aquarium

Seismic verification

Sea Life Aquarium – Verona

Real Estate – Russia

3D Cinema

Fitness Center

Assago Hotel


Themed play area

Ice Rink

Themed Stage

Aquarium S&C

Indoor Attraction

Theme Park

Entertainment Center

Swimming pool

Milan Aquarium

Theme Park

Amusement Park

Indoor stadium


Factory in Turin

Factory in Verona

Themed Restaurant

Theme Park

Urban Park

Photovoltaic plant

Petrol station

Other works

In this section lists other important works.


Year Location Title
2012 Verona - Italy Petrol station
2012 San Martino B.A. - Verona - Italy Petrol station


Year Location Title
2012 Doha - Qatar Concept design for an indoor themed park
2011 Brescia - Italy Feasibility study for indoor attraction
1997 Guanacaste - Costa Rica Delphinarium
1996 Telese - Benevento - Italy Media production centre


Year Location Title
1990 Abuja - Nigeria Structural design of a hotel complex
1989 Chubut - Argentina Structural design of reinforced concrete hotel complex


Year Location Title
2001 Badia Polesine - Rovigo - Italy Testing of industrial building
1996 Savigliano - Cuneo - Italy Industrial complex
1993 Termini Imerese - Palermo - Italy Industrial complex
1991 Brindisi - Italy Extension of Mobil Plastic Brindisi building
1991 South America Antenna design prototype for instaler in South America
1989 Calaggio - Foggia - Italy Infrastructures for an industrial area
1989 Potenza - Italy Urbanisation of industrial area Bella-Muro Lucano
1989 Campagna - Salerno - Italy Construction of industrial zone infrastructure
1989 Rivalta - Alessandria - Italy Expansion project of intermodal centre
1987 Termini Imerese - Palermo - Italy Shell and core of an industrial complex


Year Location Title
2012 San Martino B.A. - Verona - Italy Urbanisation area relevant to the petrol station
2012 Taranto - Italy Project enlargement of a section of Taranto commercial port
2009 Sommacampagna - Verona - Italy Parking for trucks with building services
1998 Durazzo - Albania Construction of a road from Durazzo to Rrogozhine
1998 Matera - Potenza - Italy Minor structures of the SS18 road
1996 Palestrina - Rome - Italy Renovation of minor roads
1990 Muro Lucano - Potenza - Italy Link road Nerico-Muro Lucano and Vitalba-Ofantina
1990 Potenza - Italy Feasibility study for the construction of an earth dam
1990 Muro Lucano - Potenza - Italy Feasibility study for the recovery of a reservoir
1990 Muro Lucano - Potenza - Italy Feasibility study for a waste facility
1990 Potenza - Italy Link road area Isca-Pantanelle, S.S.19 and speedway Salerno - R.C.
1990 Potenza - Italy Link road area S.Nicola di Melfi super road Candela-Potenza
1989 Taranto - Italy Project for the relocation of a railway
1989 Taranto - Italy Construction of new bypass
1989 Potenza - Italy Link road Muro Lucano - SS401 Ofantina and Rapone town
1989 Guayaquil - Peru Feasibility study for an aqueduct
1988 Taranto - Italy Reservoir for 1000 cubic meter
1987 Brescia - Italy Defence works on the western side of Garda Lake
1985 Rome - Italy Geological study for the route of a railway tunnel
1985 Aliano - Potenza - Italy Study of the causes of instability in road tunnels

Interior design

Year Location Title
2012 Milan - Italy Renovation of an apartment
2011 Mogliano Veneto - Treviso - Italy Renovation of an apartment
2007 Verona - Italy Renovation of an apartment

Public Building

Year Location Title
2005 Taranto - Italy Test of a reservoir for temporary sludge storage
2001 Aosta - Italy Testing of the airport fuel service
1994 Catania - Italy Courtroom for processes with large numbers of defendants
1993 Caltanissetta - Italy Courtroom for processes with large numbers of defendants
1993 Faleria - Viterbo - Italy Military building
1992 Vibo Valentia - Italy Gaol complex
1991 Milazzo - Messina - Italy Research centre Euron S.p.a.
1988 Taranto - Italy Study of damaged structures
1987 Mestre - Venice - Italy Bus garage

Real Estate

Year Location Title
2012 Sommacampagna - Verona - Italy Headquarter offices
2008 Assago - Milano - Italy Commercial building
2008 Sommacampagna - Verona - Italy Underground garage - 250 cars
2008 Assago - Milano - Italy Underground garage - 42,000 sqm
2000 Campione D'Italia - Como - Italy Residential complex/td>
1999 Venice - Italy Renovation of a building complex
1996 Fiuggi - Frosinone - Italy Real estate investment C37
1996 Fiuggi - Frosinone - Italy Real estate investment C37 VB
1996 Fiuggi - Frosinone - Italy Real estate investment C37 VD
1996 Fiuggi - Frosinone - Italy Real estate investment C37 ZC
1988 Taranto - Italy Construction of 25 apartments
1988 Taranto - Italy Renovation of a residential building
1988 Fiuggi - Frosinone - Italy Construction of a residential complex

Our projects

In the world

We have been working and we work in: Italy, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Qatar, Costa Rica, Albania, Morocco, Venezuela, Nigeria, Peru, Romania, Poland and Kuwait.

Our works in the world


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Studio Boccuni offers public and private clients a complete range of services including planning,
feasibility studies, design and procurement, as well as program, project and construction management

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